About Our Business

Our mission is to share strategies to help individuals leverage their
skills and competencies to maximize their personal and professional

Our 25+ years of corporate experience includes a robust career for
a national insurance company, transforming operating divisions,
mentoring individuals, and achieving results.  

Our facilitative experience as certified trainers and college &
university faculty enable us to engage adult participants in our
custom designed workshops.

Our experiences provide us with the tools necessary to help our
clients achieve their goals.  We offer our services to women,
businesses, and members of the insurance industry.

Our professional offerings include the following competencies:

Leadership Development, Coaching, Diversity, Ethics,  and
Professional Growth.

Here is a sampling of our workshop curricula and keynote address

  • Emotional Intelligence:  Leveraging Personal
    Management for Professional Success.  (c)

  • Leadership Opportunities in Today's Multi-Generational
    Workforce (c)

  • Building the Bonds of Leadership (c)

  • Diversity is our Opportunity (c)
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